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RC GTD beta

Poslané: Utorok, október 31, 2006 o 8:41 AM od RC

Tu si môžete stiahnuť softvérové nástroje RC GTD.

RC GTD Tiddly Wiki beta

(Na rozbalenie archívu prosím použite Winzip alebo 7zip.)

Slovenská verzia
Slovenská verzia s kalendárom
založená na d3 TiddlyWiki verzia 1.0.11
Stručný slovenský návod na používanie RC GTD nájdete tu.

English version
English version with Calendar
This version is based on d3 TiddlyWiki 1.2.0.

Modifications include:

  • Tiddlywiki is pre-filled with common categories and contexts
  • Waiting for... context is placed outside of the context list for easy access
  • "Ad new" and "Create new" buttons were added and rearranged to enhance outlining capabilities
  • View template includes action button - every tiddler can have a action assigned
  • New Project template is matching the GTD methodology for project planning
  • Projects are either active or future (important was removed), future tag can be toggled in project view mode
  • Tiddlers and contexts can be deleted in view mode
  • With added description of the GTD review process
  • Supports sub-contexts
  • Added version with calendar feature (for full mobility)
  • Further support for mobility
    • Autosaving enabled by default
    • Lazy autosaving disabled by default
    • Action aging set to 7 by default
    • Saving backup to a single file copy

1.2.0 Update

  • RC GTD now allows creation of sub-contexts without the need to manually edit tiddlers. Now it is even more convenient!
  • Includes functionality from the new GTDPlugins 1.2.0. To read about the new features please visit d3.

If you wish to download the previous version click here or here. Update

  • Thanks to a great suggestion from Daniel Baird RC-GTD now includes tagglytagging from MonkeyPirateTiddlyWiki
  • new sub-categories can be added through "category" button and are not limited in depth anymore. Works like charm!
  • new sub-context button was added to allow adding of sub-context into context tiddlers (new sub-contexts tend to appear after reopening of the parent tiddler)
  • corrected bug where some actions didn't appear in the review summary
  • corrected bug where People&Meetings context didn't list actions
  • corrected bad naming of the download files

Known issue - to allow next level of sub-contexts you have to manually replace the CONTEXTNAME with the name of the sub-context in its tiddler

If you wish to download the previous version click here.


Verzia 2.0
Slovenská nadstavba

Zmena: Utorok, august 26, 2008 5:44 PM

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